High school referee talks about stint as NFL replacement referee

'I have no regrets'

LONGMONT, Colo. - A Longmont man talked for the first time about his experience as one of the most controversial people in NFL sports this year -- as a replacement referee.

Mike Fischer displayed his 'souvenirs' from working seven games in the NFL this season. He pulled out of a bag the uniform, hats, and pictures to remind him of his time there, but said he's still not sure how he plans to remember the experience.

"Should I get my uniform framed and put it in the house or should I put it in the closet and not tell anybody about this," Fischer said.

Fischer said his most memorable game was the first. It was a Thursday night pre-season game in San Diego. He was the back judge and remembers the moments just before the game started.

"Once the game starts and they kick-off and there's that first play, I'm 25 yards down basically in the middle of the field, by myself with 22 players around me and 55,000 people around, you're kind of like okay this is real," Fischer said.

Fischer's crew didn't garnish too much attention, except for having the first woman official. However, one picture of him and Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll grabbed a lot of attention amongst his friends.

"One of the few times I talked to a coach was Pete Carroll and I was on the sideline. He's just asking me about the clock. He wasn't angry or anything but after the game I got several emails," Fischer said. "I guess Pete Carroll looks like he's yelling at me."

As for the most talked about moment this season, Fischer said "I was laying in bed watching the game [Seahawks vs. Packers]. I just said we're done, we're done. We're not going to work another game, and it was unfortunate how it blew up."

Fischer said maybe is was being naive but he never expected to receive that amount of attention.

"I was ready for it to end with the way it blew up and all the negativity, it was time." While he was ready to be done, Fischer said, "It's been great. I have no regrets."

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