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Terrell Davis enters CBD-infused beverage market with DEFY

Davis believes CBD-infused DEFY can help ease pain
Posted at 3:03 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 18:33:42-04

DENVER — Terrell Davis spent Tuesday in Denver's RiNo District launching the CBD-infused DEFY beverage. The performance drink, Davis explained, allows him to continue his rigorous fitness routine, while helping him manage migraines without medicine.

"I had a lot of issues with working out, but the pain took the joy out of it. But after taking the CBD drink, after a two-week span, I noticed a difference. My recovery was faster," Davis said. "I heard about it. They caught me up with the research, and it became clear to me that CBD was something that was working with pain management. It was a game-changer for me."

Davis, 46, looks like he could still play. Watching his hype video at Tuesday's presentation conjured memories of the days he trampled over defenders during the Broncos' back-to-back Super Bowl championship seasons. Those days seem long ago. Since Peyton Manning retired in 2015, the Broncos offense seems forever a piano out of tune. As a team last season, the Broncos averaged the same amount of points as one man, the Nuggets' Nikola Jokic -- 20 points per game. That must change for the Broncos to avoid their third-straight losing campaign for the first time since a 10-year, sub-.500 drought from 1963-1972.

If not infuse, Davis believes new quarterback Joe Flacco can caffeinate the Broncos attack.

"Flacco had one of his best seasons in (2014) when Gary Kubiak was the OC in Baltimore. They are running the same style of offense now," Davis said. "You got (rookie tight end Noah) Fant. If (Jake) Butt comes back, if (Jeff) Heuerman is healthy, you have players for this tight-end-centric offense. You have a good running game. They are revamping the offensive line with (Dalton) Risner in the draft and (Ja'wuan) James in free agency. They are rebuilding that offensive line. They are putting everything around Joe Flacco. Not to mention you have a seasoned quarterback who has been there. This is not new for him. I believe they will surprise some people."

Flacco ranks third among active quarterbacks in playoffs wins. He brings a resume that dwarfs that of Case Keenum, who proved to be the greatest one-year wonder since "La Macarena." Yet, Flacco hasn't reached the playoffs since 2014, which was also the last time he exceeded 20 touchdown passes. As a result, Davis told me he has no issue with Flacco's mentoring comments regarding Drew Lock. In essence, Flacco should remain focused on his new job, not developing a rookie to take, um, his new job.

"This time of year, in the media we need something to talk about," said Davis, who works for NFL Network. "With Flacco, I understand what he's saying. They didn't sign him to be a mentor. He can't feel that way. I don't blame him. No, he's coming here to play good football. (Drew) Lock has to be there watching, observing, listening. Joe is going to help him out from time to time. He's not just going to abandon the kid and do his own thing. But, he's right, it's not in his job title."

Like many, Davis sees the addition of offensive line coach Mike Munchak as critical to Denver's improvement. Munchak brings a reputation for teaching and helping players exceed expectations. Davis lived that with legendary line coach Alex Gibbs, who was the not-so-secret ingredient in the Broncos' title runs.

"Munchak, everywhere he's been he's had phenomenal lines. He's like their Alex Gibbs when I played," Davis said. "He's been really successful. He's going to have those guys prepared. And that's where it all starts, upfront."