Some Broncos fans stunned to learn they won't be allowed to renew season ticket license

Team trying to accomodate fans on waiting list
Posted at 3:43 AM, Mar 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-12 12:05:18-04

DENVER – An attempt by the Denver Broncos to accommodate fans at the top of the club’s season ticket waiting list is raising the ire of a few current season ticket holders.

“I’ve had season tickets since 1988,” said Gary Itao, a longtime fan. “I’ve sat in the south stands for 30 years.”

Itao told Denver7 that he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be sitting there. He pointed to a letter which the Broncos emailed to him Friday evening.

The letter said in part:

"After careful review and consideration of your account activity, we have determined that you did not personally use your tickets for even a single game in 2016. As a result, we regret to inform you that your season ticket license will not be renewed."

Itao was stunned. He said he’s been a loyal fan for decades and so has his father.

“He drives all the way from Glenwood Springs, which is not easy to travel during winter weather,” Itao said. “He makes the trip out here for most of the games.”

Itao disputes the Broncos’ claim that he didn’t attend a single game this past season. He said he has season tickets for four seats and that he attended at least five games using two of those seats.

He showed Denver7 a printout of credit card charges, which he said proves he was at five games.

  • 08/20 Denver Broncos Merchandise $14.50
  • 10/09 Denver Broncos Concession $19.50
  • 10/24 Denver Broncos Concession $21.25
  • 10/30 Denver Broncos Concession $18.50
  • 11/27 Denver Broncos Concession $13.75

Itao said he went to Super Bowl 50 earlier in the year, and that his wife purchased a couple of commemorative jackets, one for him and one for his father.

He admits that he sold tickets for two of the four seats, but added that many other fans do the same thing. He said he can’t believe the Broncos won’t allow him to renew his season ticket license.

“Not one ticket…after 30 years. It’s pretty disturbing.”

Itao said he broke the news to his dad over the weekend.

“He’s devastated,” the son said.

Special circumstances

The letter being sent out to certain season ticket holders also states:

"As you are aware and as stated in our season ticket agreement, Broncos season tickets are revocable licenses granted on a yearly basis at the sole discretion of the club. Therefore, the purchase of previous season tickets does not guarantee the ability to secure future season tickets."

The Broncos told Denver7 there may be special circumstances where season ticket holders were not able to attend any games in 2016.

“They might be serving in the military, had health issues or a personal family situation,” said Patrick Smyth. “Those fans can contact the ticket office to get it resolved. They may have to provide some documentation.”

The ticket office number is (720) 258-3333.

Smyth said fans can also communicate via email. That address is:


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