Several Denver Broncos dress up for Halloween

Demaryius Thomas dresses up as a replacement ref

DENVER - Who said that football players didn't like the replacement referees?

After spending Monday looking over the film from their impressive 34-14 win over the New Orleans Saints, several of the Broncos spent Monday night dressing up for Halloween and they went to Twitter to show off their unique costumes.

Linebacker DJ Williams dressed up as "Bane," who was the villain from the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises." Defensive linemen Derek Wolfe decided to go the retro route, dressing up as "Jackie Moon" from the movie "Semi-Pro" staring Will Ferrell.

But the costume getting the most attention was from wide receiver Demaryius Thomas who put on the replacement referee uniform. Thomas wore blackout glasses with the sign "replacement referee" on his chest, just to make sure that you got the joke.

Setting all jokes aside, the Broncos will be back on the practice field Wednesday as they prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals on the road on Sunday at 11 a.m.

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