EXCLUSIVE: Broncos Stewart fined $9,115 for hit on Colts QB Andrew Luck

Safety told Denver7 he will appeal fine
Posted at 3:51 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 19:32:45-04

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Free safety Darian Stewart will soon adopt a new Wednesday routine: Arrive at Dove Valley. Check locker for an envelope from the league office. In news first reported by Denver7, the NFL fined Stewart $9,115 for a hit on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

"They got me again," Stewart told Denver7. "But I am going to appeal."

Stewart racked up his second fine in as many weeks. The league docked him $18,231 for roughing the passer on a fourth-quarter strike on Carolina's Cam Newton. Against Indianapolis, Stewart pursued Luck on a fourth-quarter scramble. As Luck ran around the right end, Stewart came up to tackle him and struck his right forearm into Luck's helmet as the quarterback slid. Stewart drew an unnecessary roughness penalty. Luck turned and applauded the official for the call. This offense is considered less serious than roughing the passer in the pocket, but has placed Stewart in line for greater fines and suspension with further infractions.

The Broncos have accumulated $75,964 in fines counting the preseason. All have been leveled against the defense: Stewart,  Brandon Marshall and Bradley Roby. Strong safety T.J. Ward said he avoided a fine for a hit on Colts receiver Donte Moncrief. Moncrief was evaluated for a concussion but returned and hurt his shoulder.

"We are not going to change how we play," Ward told Denver7 on Wednesday.


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