Broncos tickets among most expensive in NFL on secondary market

Average price per ticket soaring

DENVER - Broncos tickets for sale on the secondary market are sky high as the preseason kicks off this week.

Tickets are flooding the secondary market, and the Broncos are one of the hottest tickets in the NFL.

According to Forbes, the average price per ticket per home game this season is now $299.84.

"They're jacking them up $200 bucks on It's ridiculous," said NFL fan Kristyn Romanowski. "Who can afford that?"

If that's not sticker shock, the Broncos also have two of the highest averages for single-game tickets this season.

In their Week 7 home game against the San Francisco 49ers, the average price per ticket is $536.76

In their Week 9 road game against the New England Patriots, the average price per ticket is $567.09.

Broncos fans can take solace in knowing the average here is not the highest in the League. That honor belongs to San Francisco where the average price per ticket per game on the secondary market this season is $485.

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