Broncos' Latimer responds after TMZ video shows him getting pepper-sprayed outside strip club

DENVER – Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer is breaking his silence after a video released by TMZ Sports Sunday shows the football player getting pepper-sprayed outside a strip club in Ohio.

“I’ve been through so many positive life changes and have grown so much since Feb. 20, and this situation is in the past,” Latimer said on Twitter. “It’s unfortunate that something from six months ago that didn’t result in anything all of this sudden becomes a big story.”

The video obtained by TMZ Sports purportedly shows Latimer outside the Diamonds Cabaret strip club near Dayton, Ohio, with his arms out standing in between his uncle and friend and the bouncer of the strip club.  

Security footage of the incident shows Latimer putting his left hand on the bouncer’s shoulder a couple of times before slapping the bouncer in the face, at which point Latimer’s uncle is seen lunging toward the bouncer before he's knocked out.

TMZ Sports reports the heated argument started over the dress code policy at the strip club.

“I’ve talked to Coach Joseph and the Broncos, have been very upfront and explained everything,” Latimer said Sunday. “Although I was just trying to settle things down, I know I have to be careful of the situations I put myself in because I expect a lot of myself.”

Latimer also said his focus right now is football and that he is getting ready for camp and a great season in the field. 

The Broncos released their own statement, saying they had discussed the matter with Latimer: 

“We are aware of the matter from several months ago involving Cody Latimer and it has been discussed with him.”

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