Broncos John Fox, Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler weigh in after preseason game with Seattle

DENVER - As the Denver Broncos celebrate winning the team's first preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, they also know there's a lot of work to do going forward.

One area the coaches will be reviewing is the high number of penalties.

"I think it is disruptive, but we kind of had a feeling that type of game was coming," Broncos head coach John Fox said. "We’ll look at the plays on tape and any questions we have as normal we will send to the League. That is an area we’ve got to look at and make sure we are adjusting. We will look at that just like we do everything else."

Fox said there was one injury during the game, running back CJ Anderson is being evaluated for a concussion.

Running back is a position Fox was asked about after the game. Especially with starting running back Montee Ball out for surgery.

"We have got numbers there -- kids that have been with us and have done a good job and it just gives them an opportunity," Fox said. "Ronnie Hillman got more opportunities with the Montee Ball surgery. He is doing great and he’ll be back fairly shortly, and then Juwan Thompson played well along with C.J. while he was healthy."

"Regardless of the opponent, regardless of that other stuff, you’re really just trying to get a feel of your football team," Fox said. "You’ve got new players, you’ve got young players, new free agents to your ball club and you don’t practice live, so [the preseason game] is really the live opportunities you get."

Fox said he is happy with the progress backup quarterback Brock Osweiler is making.

"Again, he is a young quarterback that we’ve seen great growth [in]—love his progress," Fox said. "I like—tonight overall the passing game, I thought we were very, very good, 75 percent on third down. I thought we ran the ball, we were 5.2 average there, 119 yards rushing, so I liked the way we moved the ball. In Brock’s case, I liked the fact that we were backed up and he made a throw that I’d really like to have back, but then he came back and had a short memory and finished the game very well."

Oswiler said his play had some ups and some downs.

"There are certainly a lot of things that I can take from this game and build upon and improve upon," Osweiler said. "The one thing I do know is the offensive line played absolutely tremendous tonight in the run game and the pass game. Receivers made plays, and they were blocking hard in the run game, and all the [running] backs ran hard. There are a lot of things you can take from this game and get better from and keep growing."

When asked to grade his performance, Osweiler said it wasn't an A.

"There are a lot of things I think I did well, and there are also a lot of things I need to clean up and improve upon," Osweiler said. "I think that just takes time -- getting back out there on the field, getting comfortable with the game, comfortable with the offense again and game speed. Hopefully, by the end of preseason, we’re at a level that everyone is happy with."

Starting quarterback Peyton Manning ended up with a longer than expected drive.

"I’ve never had an 18-play drive in the preseason," Manning said. "I know the coaches will probably be pleased that it’s a lot of plays to learn from on the film. All I can say is that it’s good we overcame some things. The flags were out tonight. I think that was clear. The fact that we were able to overcome some penalties and still get a touchdown drive is something that you want to be able to overcome in the regular season."

Manning was happy to score on that drive.

"Well, it’s your job. It’s your first game of the 2014 season. It’s your job to go out and compete," Manning said.  "There are some good things, like we said, on the film, and some things we’ll learn from, as well."

Manning threw quite a few passes to Demaryius Thomas and said he thought Thomas looked good.

"Obviously he’s got great strength, great size," Manning said. "He’s a hands-catcher, so even when there is tight coverage, he can go out, extend and catch it in his hands. He seems like he’s always, kind of, going forward, too, which is good. I think he got a little help from [C] Manny [Ramirez] on that one third down conversion. Demaryius missed the first week of training camp, obviously, with the tragedy in his family, so it was good to get him out there and get some good game reps with him. I thought he looked really good."

Thomas said it felt great to convert.

"It is a very good start for us," Thomas said. "We still have work to do, but it was good because last time we played them we didn’t do so well. Being able to go out, put up some points and move the football—it felt great."

Manning was also happy to have Ryan Clady back on the field.

"He’s an outstanding player," Manning said. "He’s worked really hard in his rehab. That has not been easy. It’s taken him a little time to get his legs back underneath him. I think he’s just going to continue to get better every day, and we’re certainly glad he’s back out there with us."

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