Barber to the Denver Broncos actually a die-hard Cowboys fan

Broncos players say they like relaxed atmosphere

AURORA, Colo. - For two decades, a barber in Aurora has been making sure the Broncos have a winning style.      

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas has been coming to Jordan's Barber Shop ever since he joined the team.

The barber shop is an unassuming place, but the clients are legends. Rap stars, actors, and most of the NFL have sat in Daniel "Jordan" Hay's chair.        

"It's just a good environment. I like coming down to the shop, a little getaway from what I do every day," Thomas said.

Hays has been cutting hair for the Broncos for 20 years.  Maybe being compared to Michael  Jordan when he was a young basketball player himself started him on this path but he says what's made him successful is listening to his famous clients and treating them like any other customer.

"Just being very honest with them. If they mess up, I tell them, 'You really sucked out there today.'  Just being honest with them, they need that, it's like family," Hays said.

Ryan Clady sat down feeling exhausted after a long day of workouts but the Jordan treatment doesn't take long to change his mood.

Even though Jordan is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

"It's always fun just to joke around. He's pretty much a clown, so he's pretty funny," Clady said.

Even with all of his famous clients, he says there's still one head he'd like to get his hands on.

"I think Peyton Manning would be the one I'd like to cut. I saw him when he came in and I was like, Man! He's a good looking guy, but he can use a nice haircut from Jordan! " Jordan said.

Jordan also makes house calls to players' homes when they have a style emergency. He also makes a weekly visit to Dove Valley to cut hair.

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