Aurora 7-Eleven owner prints 'Tom Brady's a cheater' on store receipts

AURORA, Colo. - Joshua Harrison isn't a Broncos fan, but he's really not a fan of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Harrison owns the 7-Eleven near East Alameda Avenue and South Havana Street in Aurora.

A photo on Twitter shows a receipt from his store with the words "Tom Brady's a cheater" printed at the top. Harrison told Denver7 his store started printing the receipts about six months ago, but the viral photo is generating some new attention. In fact, the store is getting flooded with calls.

"We get a lot of calls from New England. I just answer, '7-Eleven, Tom Brady speaking,'" he told us.

Harrison says it's funny because, "everybody gets it."

Harrison lightheartedly said this has nothing to do with the Broncos. The Pennsylvania native cheers only for the Steelers.

The receipts are gone as of this week. 7-Eleven politely suggested that Harrison remove it, he explained with a laugh. Instead, he put on a new message telling Bronco fans to look out for Dec. 20, when the Steelers and Broncos face off in Pittsburgh. 

Brady and his team head to Denver to take on the Broncos on Nov. 29. So far, both teams are undefeated.

By the way, in a separate tweet asking how this guy spent hundreds of dollars at 7-Eleven, he replied that it was a money order.

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