Broncos Fans May Buy Tebow Billboards

Group Says They're Asking Team To Bench Kyle Orton

A group of Broncos fans posted on the Broncos official website that they've raised enough money to buy billboards asking the team to bench starting quarterback Kyle Orton, and play backup Tim Tebow.

The fans are waiting until after the Broncos game against the Bengals this Sunday to see how Orton performs. Here is the post from the Fan Forum page on

(Wednesday), 11:21 AM NVthosebroncos Practice Squad

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Raised enough money for a billboard

Me and 7 of my buddies who are all die hard Broncos fans have finally raised enough money for 2 downtown Denver billboards to read: Bench Orton play Tebow w/ a few different on the field photos.

We are waiting to see how Orton does this week vs the Bungals. No we are not Timmy fanatics, we are true Broncos fans for years and years and we are sick of seeing all the excuses for Orton.

So hopefully by week 3 the billboards will be up!

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