Brittany Spears, Whitney Houston On Same Team

Lady Buffs Sport A Hollywood Roster

Chances are good you'll remember two members of the University of Colorado's women's basketball team. Their names are Whitney Houston and Brittany Spears.

It's no joke, both women were given those names at birth.

"People say, 'Is that really your name?' And I say, 'Yeah, that's really my name,'" Spears said.

"It's funny," Houston said. "My name is going to be Whitney Houston long after they get through the jokes and stuff."

Both women are good sports about the coincidence.

They have to be, they are roommates on the CU Boulder campus.

"These are two amazing women, regardless of the names, and they represent us very well," said head coach Kathy McConnell-Miller. "Both are solid players who are exciting to watch."

Houston is a returning point guard for the Lady Buffs. Spears is an incoming freshman forward from California.

And, yes, CU's Houston really does sing.

"Last year, she (Whitney) sang the national anthem for our crowd, which was kind of interesting," said McConnell-Miller.

"I sang when we played Nevada over Thanksgiving," said Houston.

Houston said her teammates have given her the nickname "Squirt," because of her size. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.

But opponents have also learned Houston is very quick on the court.

As for Spears, McConnell-Miller said, "She was one of the most highly recruited players in the Big-12."

Brittany Spears and Whitney Houston certainly have the potential to make real names for themselves on the court this season. Together with a talented Lady Buffs squad the team hopes fans will not only giggle at the Spears-Houston names but cheer the entire team all the way to the Big 12 Championships.

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