3 goals for the Denver Broncos in preseason game 3 against Houston Texans

DENVER - NFL reporter Mike Klis suggests five goals for the Broncos in their preseason game Saturday night against the Houston Texans:

1. Please Peyton: Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said the offense got its butts kicked by the Texans' defense Tuesday. The starters will have to make a better showing in the first half against J.J. Watt and company.

2. Get Emmanuel two catches: Demaryius Thomas already has 10 preseason catches. That's enough. Manning needs to get his game-timing down with his No. 2 receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who is returning from a strained quad and is looking for his first catches in a Broncos uniform.

3. Give Brock a chance: Most starters are expected to play the first half. Manning might be an exception. Backup quarterback Brock Osweiler could use one or two series with the No. 1 offense before halftime.

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