Sloan Dickey



Sloan Dickey joined Denver7 in February 2020 as a general assignment and breaking news reporter. Since moving to the Mile High City, he has reported on an array of breaking and developing situations across the state.

With a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from The George Washington University in Washington DC, Sloan has reported from the halls of the US Capitol to the ranches of the Rocky Mountains. He has experience holding politicians accountable and highlighting concerned voices.

After college Sloan spent three years as a digital reporter for The Wall Street Journal. There, he covered Congress and several campaigns in the 2016 senate and presidential elections.

In 2017, Sloan moved West to start a television news career. For three years, he was the evening anchor for the state’s ABC station, KTWO-TV. Sloan also traversed the state, reporting on Wyoming’s energy industry and the difficult political challenges the state faces.

With a weekly political discussion program, Report to Wyoming, Sloan was able to get answers from key politicians at critical moments in political deliberations about how to diversify Wyoming’s economy.

Sloan moved in early 2020 just a few hundred miles South to start at Denver7. Since that time, he has reported on COVID, political unrest, fires, storms, and other breaking news on a daily basis.

When off the job, you won’t find Sloan in Denver. He will likely be meandering around an evergreen forest, skiing, summiting mountains, sailing (yes that is a thing here), camping, horseback riding, off-roading, or participating in some other slightly dangerous but completely commonplace activity that Colorado has to offer.

He has a White Jeep Wrangler named Esparanza with a big 307 sticker stamped on the back. If you see him out there, be sure to say hello!

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