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You Could Tour The Titanic Next Year

It's been years since the underwater remains of the RMS Titanic have been visited by humans.

But, if all goes according to plan, diving tours of the famous shipwreck could go on. And on.

London-based travel company Blue Marble Private is teaming up with OceanGate Expeditions to take tourists down to the wreck in May 2018.

But the price tag on one of these tours is pretty, well, titanic. According to CNN, the adventure will set you back more than $105,000 per person.

That price is the equivalent of a first-class ticket on the Titanic back in 1912, after factoring for inflation.

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OceanGate's CEO told Forbes, "Since her sinking 105 years ago, fewer than 200 people have visited the wreck, less than have flown to space or climbed Mt. Everest, so this is an incredible opportunity."

Time could very well be running out for divers to visit the Titanic. Researchers discovered a bacteria eating away at what's left of the shipwreck in 2010.

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