Young arthritis patient helps raise money for other patients

Volunteer's work helps people battle arthritis

DENVER - Arthritis effects one in every five adults and some 300 thousand children.

7Everyday Hero Kelby Peachey is working hard to change that. She is the co-chair of the 2012 Arthritis Walk at Denver's Washington Park. It is an Arthritis Foundation event that has helped thousands of Coloradans just like Kelby.

"I have ankylosing spondylitis since I was 16, so about 12 years," said Peachey.

It's hard to believe someone so young has arthritis, but this is not solely an older person's disease. Arthritis can often keep people of all ages from doing simple things like walking.

"Right before I was diagnosed I was actually in a wheelchair," said Peachey.

Peachey's arthritis is under control thanks to events like the Arthritis Walk. Arthritis Foundation funding helped her get the medication to keep moving so she can help others.

"And seeing them is what motivates me and drives me every single day," said Peachey.

"Kelby has been on our local walk committee for many number of years and she also serves on our national walk committee," said Laura Rosseisen, president of the Arthritis Foundation's Rocky Mountain Office.

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