World War II Nurse Turns Hospital Volunteer

Nurse Dedicates Life To Helping Patients

It seems the days of working for one company for one's whole career are a thing of the past. But 7Everyday Hero Lucille Rush is an exception.

She volunteers at the same place she started working before World War II.

"I look forward to coming to work everyday," said Rush.

Rush volunteers at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood every week.

"I took my nurse's training here in 1940," said Rush.

After a stint with the Navy during the war, it was back to the hospital as a registered nurse.

"I worked as an employee for 21 years. And then when I retired I just had to start volunteering. And I have started my 27th year. I work in the office now and I set up the orientation books for the volunteers," said Rush.

The staff at St. Anthony's says she is always helpful, cheerful and ready to serve.

"We love her. She is valuable. We do not know what we would do without her," said Vicki Harding, interim director of Volunteer Services.

"A gentleman says to me: 'You look happy today.' And I said: 'Well, maybe it is because I am 90 years old and I am up walking and breathing.' Sometimes I feel like I am 15 and sometimes I feel like I am 110," said Rush laughing.

No matter how she feels, Lucille Rush has made generations of staff and patients feel at home at St. Anthony's.

"This is my second home," said Rush.

The hospital is looking for more volunteers. If you are interested go to

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