Women Urge Compassion For Heene Family

Cheri Foster Wants Notes Dropped On Heene Lawn Monday

Not everyone hates the Balloon Boy family.

A mother and daughter in Fort Collins said they have distributed fliers asking residents to drop notes of compassion on the lawn of the family at the center of the balloon spectacle.

Cheri Foster, 50, told the Coloradoan newspaper that the Heene family has given permission for people to drop notes of concern on their lawn.

"They might have made a mistake, as we all have done and will continue to do," her daughter, Tamara Failla, told the Coloradoan. "So rather than condemn, let's come together and raise this family up with our support. Let's remind them that they are not alone."

Police believe Richard and Mayumi Heene pretended their 6-year-old son was aloft in a runaway balloon on Oct. 15 in order to win public attention. The boy was hiding inside the Heene home the whole time, police said.

Foster and her daughter are calling Monday the "first ever Fort Collins Care Movement," and say they're starting to feel sorry for the Heenes -- whom they've never met.

"We feel like it's perpetuating so much anger we wanted to turn it around and make people feel more positive; bring them together," Failla told the newspaper.

Mayumi Heene admitted the entire family was in on the hoax, designed to give them a spotlight for a possible reality television series, according to court documents that were not sealed.

Denver attorney David Lane blasted Larimer County officials for releasing documents Friday in the investigation, saying the papers should have remained sealed until arrests were made.

No request to seal the records was made, however.

No one has been charged in the case.

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