Women Hit By 80 MPH Winds That Blow Out Car Windows

Women Were Pelted By Wind-Driven Rocks, Glass Shards.

Three women driving on a "girls night out" near Georgetown were hit by 80 mph winds that blew out the windows in their Subaru, pelting them with flying rocks and glass shards.

The harrowing ordeal happened Saturday night as Lynn Larsen drove the sport utility vehicle carrying her daughter, Suzey Carver, and a woman friend, on an Interstate 70 frontage road near Georgetown Lake.

Out of nowhere, the women said, a fierce wind slammed the SUV.

"All of a sudden, there was this wall of rocks and it just hit us," Larsen said. "It just went it whoosh and everything blew through."

The wind-driven rocks, dirt and glass shards hammered the women.

"It was just like a bomb went off. It was just bam!" said Carver, who was in the back seat. "I ducked as quickly as I could (and) put my face down"

"It was like a vortex," Larsen said. "Everything was getting sucked out of the car."

"All I could was think was, 'Just drive through it, drive through,'" the mother said. "I had so much stuff in my eyes I could hardly see."

Only the windshield survived and there was no safe place to pull over. So, in the howling wind, Larsen drove 6 miles to home.

The women were scratched, bruised and sore Sunday, but they said it could have been far worse.

"We're a little beat up, but we're fine," Larsen said. "And I look at this car and I think, 'Boy, someone had to be watching over us.'"

"It's something we girls are going to talk about for a long time," she said.

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