Women Held At Knifepoint, Robbed, Forced To Strip

Home Invasions Possibly Linked

Denver police are investigating two home invasions where two women were physically assaulted, held at knifepoint and forced to take off their clothes.

The first robbery occurred May 28 just after noon, at Locust Street and East 10th Avenue. Then early Monday afternoon, another woman was robbed near south Harrison Street and East Exposition Avenue.

Both robberies occurred midday and involved women who are about 60 years old and who were home alone, police said.

Denver police were on the scene Monday night on South Harrison, but only after the intruder had spent nearly three hours ransacking the victim's home. He held the 62-year-old woman at knifepoint and later locked her in a closet, police said.

"One thing it definitely says is this individual is dangerous. And he's not doing this under the cover of darkness," said Denver police spokesman John White.

The other woman robbed was in her back yard when the attacker jumped over the fence and put a knife to her throat.

"He made me take my clothes off ... stuck me in the bathroom and at one point came back and asked how I was doing in there. So, he's a coward, but I know he has a conscience," said the 57-year-old victim.

"I do not know how that plays into this individual's method of operation. But in these two cases, I guess you could say he has targeted women that are middle-aged," said White.

Police said the two home invasions are linked by a similar descriptions and circumstances.

In both cases, the robber held a knife to the women's throats. He demanded money and stole jewelry from both homes. He also punched both women and threw them, but did not sexually assault them.

The robber also tried to steal the first victim's car, but could not get in.

He did steal the second victim's car, which police found Wednesday morning. Detectives would not disclose where they located the vehicle.

In the first robbery, he got away with about $300 in cash. In the second robbery, the woman had no cash. He asked her for her ATM card, but she did not have one, so he stole jewelry.

The robber remains at large and police are still actively searching for clues to his identity. If you have any information about the cases, please contact Denver police.

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