Woman Says Car Salesman Sent Her Penis Pics

Customer Claims Harassment, Violation Of Privacy

Aurora police have issued an arrest warrant for a car salesman, accused of sending lewd photos to a client.

Doris Walker told 7NEWS she bought from Buy Direct Autoz in Wheat Ridge in late August, but she had trouble with the vehicle.

"My mechanics told me that it should've been totaled and had extensive front end damage," Walker said.

When she went back to the dealership on West 44th Avenue in September, she noticed that the young salesman, who identified himself as "Billy," was interested in more than the sale.

"He said a few times to me, he said, 'I wouldn't mind taking you out.' And, 'I think you're hot.' And that type of thing. And I just said, 'You know, I think this is inappropriate,'" Walker said. "I didn't take him very seriously ... I was already stressed out going there by myself."

Walker said on Sept. 21 she received four shocking photos on her cell phone. They were of a man holding an erect penis.

"I have my personal information, gone. I have my Social Security number, my banking information (at the dealership). He knows where I live, where I work," Walker said.

Walker said she spoke to the owner of the dealership, explaining she never gave the salesman her phone number and was told everyone there had access to the same information.

"All my privacy is completely violated. And he said to me, 'Well, he's a dumb kid. What do you expect me to do?' That was his solution," Walker said.

One of the owners of the dealership, who identified himself as "Isaiah," claims Billy wasn't a true employee. He told 7NEWS Billy wrecked a car that he bought from the dealership and he couldn't pay his debt so Isaiah had Billy working there to translate for Spanish customers.

Isaiah said Walker was difficult to deal with, and still owes him money.

"It was hell with her. I don’t believe her, too. I mean, I’m not into the issue but, she’s kind of strange," Isaiah said.

Walker works as a leasing agent for a local apartment complex, and she said she had a client -- a mother and her 8-year-old daughter -- in her office at the time the text photos came in and that the mother saw one of the photos as well.

"The mother looked down, as I did, at the phone, as it was on my desk. And I tried to pull the phone away. First I was shocked. I was absolutely shocked. I've never received a message like that in my life," Walker said. "It was a professional setting. And there's really no explaining … what that is."

Police said they believe 18-year-old Claudio Castaneda-Guillermo was the one who sent the photos of a penis to Walker and have issued an arrest warrant on a charge of harassment through telephone threats or obscenities, a city misdemeanor.

With a conviction, that charge could bring fines ranging from $50 to $5,000 and up to 18 months in jail, said Aurora police Detective Bob Friel.

Isaiah said Billy no longer works for the dealership.