Woman Locates Long Lost Siblings On Facebook

Friend Request Brings Family Back Together

At the Union Bistro in Castle Rock, half-sisters Elizabeth Delmonico and Sheri Drucker greet each other with a nervous, but friendly embrace.

"Hello," said Elizabeth. "I wasn't sure if you were coming. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," replied Sheri.

This moment marks the end of more than two decades of separation, and the beginning of a story, full of surprises. It all started on Facebook, when Elizabeth reached out to a man in California with the same last name as her father.

"I found Craig and found the nerve to say hello," said Elizabeth.

As it turns out, Craig is her brother.

Her friend request included this message: "Hello, I just looked up Stalie and came across your picture. My name was formerly Elizabeth Stalie, I think I am you long lost little half-sister. What do you think of that?"

"I sent out a text message on my phone to all my siblings and said, you know, you are not going to believe this," said Craig

After exchanging messages on Facebook, Craig set up a meeting between Elizabeth and Sheri, who, coincidentally have been living only 20 minutes apart for the last three years, and never knew it.

"I live in Parker, in The Pinery, and she lives here in Castle Rock," said Sheri.

Since they lived in California as kids, Elizabeth was just as surprised that she and her oldest sister lived in the same county.

"Like what do you mean we are neighbors?" said Elizabeth. "Like we can see each other regularly."

And Craig had a surprise of his own planned. He caught an early morning flight from Los Angeles to meet his little sister in person. She recognized him instantly from his photos on Facebook.

"No way, you did not! Oh my god," said Elizabeth. "Wow."

The family was separated as children when their father and Elizabeth's mother divorced.

"We knew her when she was this size, a baby," said Craig, pointing to an old Polaroid photo.

Elizabeth moved from California to New Mexico with her mom, and was raised as an only child. This reunion took so long because her last name had been changed.

"Before Facebook, I had tried to search the internet, tried to find Elizabeth Stalie but there was really nothing out there," said Craig.

Elizabeth knew of her five half-brothers and half-sisters through photographs and stories her mom had told. Her curiosity finally got the best of her, and the friend request brought them back together, at last.

And now sitting here in this diner, they share stories and smiles. The anxiety melts away as quickly as the years spent apart. This is a happy reunion, especially for Elizabeth who looks forward to meeting her three other siblings.

"I would love to continue to get to know, and continue the relationships," she says, laughing. "I get like a million good people, you guys get one."