Woman Helps Homeless Moms Give Their Children Homes

Shannon's Hope Aims To Helping Mothers Get Off Streets

Imagine being homeless and pregnant. A 7Everyday Hero has dedicated her life to providing hope for women on the streets. Her name is Leslie Pottebaum and she founded Shannon's Hope.

"Shannon's Hope supports our communal home, and our communal home houses mainly homeless moms and children," said Pottebaum.

Shannon's Hope Thrift Store in Arvada is filled with great bargains. Many of the staffers are young moms and moms to be. The store's profits support the maternity home, and working at the store gives the women a fresh start.

"The thrift shop gives them an outlet to test out their self-esteem and for us to teach employment opportunities that could be helpful in the future," said Pottebaum.

Shannon's Hope was started 28 years ago.

"Shannon comes from a memorial to my child. It is still really hard to talk about," said Pottebaum.

Shannon is in heaven now. Pottebaum and Shannon's Hope have helped hundreds of young moms rebuild their lives.

"I would not have been able to keep my kid if it was not for Leslie. It is just and all around amazing program," said Former Client Cindy Wunderlich.

There are hundreds of success stories, and unfortunately, far too many potential clients.

"Today at 7:30 I received a call from a gal who spent the night on the streets. This was last night and she is interviewing with us today," said Pottebaum.

So, Leslie Pottebaum's work is far from over.

"We are honored to be able to help," said Pottebaum.

To learn more about Shannon's Hope, visit the website www.ShannonsHope.org.