Woman Found Guilty Of Killing Sleeping Parents

Kara Lounsbury Sentenced To 2 Life Sentences

A woman, who claimed her father verbally and sexually abused her as a child, has been convicted of shooting her father and step-mother to death as they slept.

Kara Lounsbury, 32, was found guilty Tuesday of two counts of first-degree murder and immediately sentenced to two life sentences, according to the Adams/Broomfield District Attorney's Office.

Harold, 69, and Velva Sue Enander, 61, were found dead in their bed on Jan. 15, 2009. Prosecutors said Lounsbury fatally shot her father in the back while he was sleeping, then shot her step-mother three times before bludgeoning her in the head and firing a final shot. Lounsbury ransacked her parent's house to stage a home invasion then accused her brother of the murders, prosecutors said.

"This was an incredibly violent and callous crime. There is never a good motive for murder, but to kill your own parents for money is exceptionally heinous," said District Attorney Don Quick.

Lounsbury was arrested last February. Court documents said she had a history of anger towards her father and alleged that he verbally and sexually abused her as a child. Lounsbury's husband said she "went through phases of contact and estrangement" with her father and that "they were not a very close family," the arrest affidavit said.

Investigators found that Harold Enander's son, Jared, lived next to his father in rural Adams County and that Jared Enander had a video surveillance system with a view of Harold and Velva Enander's home.

Lounsbury told detectives that on Jan. 14, 2009, she had been drinking to celebrate good news and went to visit her brother because she had trouble sleeping and wanted to "see what Jared was doing."

"Lounsbury said she drove her black Chevy Tahoe and had four of her dogs with her, but no other person, over to Jared's house. Ms. Lounsbury said when she arrived at Jared's she knocked on the door for several minutes, but Jared did not answer," the affidavit said. She said she pulled out of the driveway facing the wrong way and drove around the house to head home.

The surveillance video appears to confirm the visit, showing a SUV with a brush guard and star shaped wheels pull into Jared Enander's driveway at about 3 a.m. While the video does not show who was driving the SUV, the figure appeared to be a woman, the affidavit said.

About nine minutes later, the SUV leaves Jared Enander's driveway and then pulls into the driveway of Harold and Velva's home. About an hour later, the SUV is seen driving down 144th Avenue with its lights off, the affidavit said.

Detectives searched Lounsbury's Chevrolet Tahoe and found it has "a brush guard attached to the front portion of the car and the wheels were a star shaped wheel," matching the description of the SUV in the video.

The coroner reported that the Enanders were killed with either a Glock 9 mm or a Sigma 9 mm because of the distinctive rectangular impact mark on shell casings. According to the affidavit, Lounsbury owned a Glock and kept it in her closet.

Jared Enander also told detectives that "just prior to Christmas 2008, he was talking to Ms. Lounsbury when she asked, why he had never killed their father," the affidavit said. Lounsbury denied ever making that comment.

Investigators collected evidence from the Enanders' bedroom that included a latex glove. Analysis found DNA on the glove belonging to Velva Enander and from another woman.