Woman Faces $1,000 Fine For Pink Poodle

Dog Colored To Help Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

A Boulder woman has hired an attorney to fight a $1,000 fine she was given by the city for coloring her miniature poodle pink.

Joy Douglas said she colored Cici pink to help raise awareness for breast cancer. The salon owner said she has used beet juice -- and occasionally Kool-Aid -- for four years now to "stain" her dog.

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Officials at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley told the Daily Camera Douglas was warned several times before she was issued the ticket on March 1.

Douglas is accused of violating the city's code that says "No person shall dye or color live fowl, rabbits, or any other animals." It’s a code meant to keep people from dyeing rabbits and chicks at Easter.

"I can understand something done in large vats and it's not done with a lot of animal care by people who don't know their animals," Douglas told 7News. "But I have a personal connection to my animal, I would never hurt my animal, I have a business full of little beautiful animals that are treasures for not only myself but the community."

Douglas was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday morning, but the hearing was continued until April 7 because Douglas had hired an attorney. She was talking to a city attorney about the case afterward.

Douglas said earlier that she planned to fight the ticket, claiming she didn't dye the dog, but stained it with natural beet juice. She also said her dog is helping to raise awareness for an important issue.

"Cici is being stripped of her civic duty," Douglas said. "And I don't plan to take it sitting down."

Cici is actually the second dog Douglas has colored pink.

Douglas first colored her white poodle Lulu four years ago when the dog accompanied her to a haircutting fundraiser for breast cancer research.

The hairstylist said people would bring "fistfuls of cash" just to pet the dog, so she kept up the color job. She only used organic products, and says she’s even worked with an organic pet company on developing safe colors for pets.

When Lulu died just over a year ago, Douglas found Cici and immediately began coloring the new poodle’s hair as well.

Douglas told 7News on Monday night that she planned on putting the attention she has received from getting the ticket to good use by raising money for breast cancer research.

"With every big gathering of people there's a lot of ears and one voice that can be heard at a time," she said. "So I'm going to use my voice to raise as much funds and make as much good come out of this unfortunate incident."

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