Woman Accused Of Naked Dog Wrestling

Friend Says Woman Acting Strangely Recently

A 40-year-old woman described as a transient was jailed in Grand Junction -- accused of jumping a fence to wrestle naked with a dog.

An arrest affidavit indicated that Katherine Earle scaled the four-foot fence just before midnight Tuesday, then stripped in order to wrestle with the male Labrador retriever-blue heeler mix.

Residents of the home awoke from the noise and called police.

Responding officers said Earle told them she was having sex with the dog, and that she does it all the time. The dog's owner, Six Starr, said that Earle has been friendly with the dog, but that Earle has been acting strangely for the past six months.

“What took place last night, I don’t even want to guess,” Starr told the Grand Junction Sentinel.

The dog wasn't hurt.

Police arrested Earle on a previous warrant and took her to the Mesa County Jail to serve a 25-day sentence.

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