Witnesses Report Seeing Fireball In Sky

Meteor Streaks Over Metro Area Around 6:30 PM

If you saw something unusual in the night sky above Colorado Wednesay night, you weren't alone.

Many people called 7NEWS to report a fireball around 6:30 p.m. and the Museum of Nature and Science said it was likely a meteor.

"I did see the meteor as clear as day," said viewer Annmarie Maynard, who was in Westminster at the time. "I would say it came down in the mountains. It was not streaking across the sky but in a rather quick descent."

"I live on the Western slope in Crawford, and was traveling to Paonia at 6:30 last night, when in the northeast I saw a huge meteor fall and explode above the earth. It seemed like it was right there, and I felt very privileged to have witnessed such an event," said Kim Johnson, another viewer.

"We live in Loveland and saw a ball (white with a bright green tail) go over the house and it seemed very big and low and I even thought it landed in our 60 acres. Before getting that low, it seemed to go out," said viewer Rosemary Barry. "I have seen falling stars but nothing ever like this one. Pretty strange sighting."

Scientists at the Museum of Nature and Science are looking for people who may have seen it. They're interested in where the meteor was seen, where it possibly landed and if any video or pictures were taken. If you saw the fireball Wednesday night, report your sighting on Cloudbait.com.

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