Widow gets answers after husband's grave is unearthed

Widow Of Vietnam Veteran Watches As Cemetery Workers Clear Up Mistake

DENVER - Fort Logan unearthed the grave of John Sosias Wednesday afternoon after a CALL7 Investigation into mismarked graves at the national cemetery.

Bellina Sosias was able to verify the casket was that of her husband, John, who went by the name Rick to his friends. She told CALL7 that she is relieved to know where her husband was buried and that she was able to visit him and not just a tombstone.

Sosias told CALL7 on Tuesday that two weeks ago the cemetery put up Rick's permanent headstone, but that it was three rows away from where the temporary maker was located.

"I freaked. 'Where are you? I know I am at the right spot.' I got upset," Bellina told CALL7.

The director of Fort Logan quickly admitted his staff made a mistake, not just on Sosias' tombstone, but on five other headstones in the same row.

"Our staff failed to follow established protocol by not verifying placement of these six headstones against not only adjacent-numbered stones, but also against records and the map," said Joseph Turnbach.

He said changes are in place that will make sure this doesn't happen again.


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