What's Interfering With Subdivision's Garage Doors?

Radio Frequency Interference Is Strong, Source Still Unknown

Dozens of families in a new housing development in west Arvada are having a mysterious problem with their garage doors.

"We've found it's about a half-mile radius and about 40 homeowners are having the same problem," said Jina, who did not want her last name used.

Earlier this week Jina noticed her garage door opener stopped working. Other homeowners were unable to open or shut their garage doors with their remotes or keypads.

She found about 10 other neighbors in the Spring Mesa community, near 76th and Quaker, were having the same problems.

She said repair crews blamed the problem on interference from wireless devices such as phones, fridges, coffee makers and even Christmas lights. The garage door repair company then went to gauge radio frequency interference in the area.

"What they came up with was a strong frequency. They drove around the neighborhood, it was still a strong reading but they couldn't confirm the source. That's the closest we've had to identify it," Jina said.

"The frequency interferes with the garage door opener's ability to open and close the garage door attached to the house. Something in the airwaves is dampening the signal so it is not reaching the receptor inside of the garage to open or close," said Jason Whetzal, with Ankmar Garage Door Repair Service.

Whetzal said crews will first use testing equipment from the garage door manufacturer to see if they can find the source of the frequency and then perhaps change the frequency on the openers so it is not getting damped by the unidentified frequency.

Jina confirmed all the homes having the problem have the same system installed by the builder, DR Horton.

If they still can't find the source of the interference and changing the frequency doesn't help, the homeowners all need to buy new garage door openers or new frequency adapters, Jina said.

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