What Does It Cost To Mail In Ballots?

Denver Election Division Forced To Reprint Envelopes

Two weeks before Election Day, there's some confusion about how much it costs to mail-in a ballot.

More than 150,000 residents in the city and county of Denver requested mail-in ballots for this upcoming election. All of the ballots have two boxes on the right side of the envelope. On the top right box, there is a stamp, "place postage stamp(s) here." Underneath the words, it states affix $0.78 postage. Under that box is another box where the words affix $0.61 postage.

7NEWS wanted to known why the discrepancy.

"So I have to put 78 cents?" asked Jonathan Kelley, of Denver.

No. It only costs 61 cents to mail-in a ballot this year.

"Our first envelope was printed thinking we were going to have a two card ballot," said Stephanie O'Malley, Denver Clerk and Recorder. "Surprisingly when we went to print, our printer was able to get all of our candidates and our initiatives on a one card ballot thus saving us 17 cents in postage."

So the election commission placed the black letters," Place Postage Stamp(s) Here," over the 78 cent box.

7NEWS asked if there was ever a discussion to completely black-out the top box.

"(The stamped letters were) an attempt to black it out," said O'Malley.

"I wouldn't know what to do," said Kelley. "It is kind of confusing."

O'Malley said inside the instructions, it states postage for the ballot is 61 cents.

But no matter how much postage a person affixes to a ballot, it will be counted.

"We don't send mail-in ballots back for insufficient postage," said O'Malley.

If someone mails in a ballot with less than 61 cents, the Denver Election Division will pick up the cost. O'Malley said her office accounts for that in their budget.