Owner of Rhode Island cussing cockatoo appeals fine

Neighbor filed complaint

WARWICK, R.I. - The owner of a foul-mouthed cockatoo in Rhode Island who was slapped with a $15 fine for violating a noise ordinance is appealing.

The Providence Journal reported that Warwick resident Lynne Taylor is appealing to a state court a fine imposed by a municipal judge.

The judge said Taylor had broken a local law that prohibits residents from letting their pets habitually howl, bark or make other noise.

Taylor's lawyer said the ordinance is unconstitutional because it gives no parameters for what noise constitutes a violation. He notes the statute said that if someone is annoyed, it's a public nuisance.

A neighbor accused Taylor's bird of parroting vulgar phrases, cursing and loudly speaking expletives. The neighbor lives with Taylor's ex-husband.

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