Johnstown High Schoolers donate 47 feet Of hair

Local stylists donated services

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. - In an unique homecoming tradition, students at Roosevelt High School cheer on classmates and faculty as they have their hair cut to benefit the Locks of Love charity.

Amid the laughter, there was apprehension as the teen girls gathered to have their hair measured and put in ponytails and braids in preparation for the shears.

"I've known we were going to do this since freshman year. So, i just kept growing it for four years," said student Faith Blatzer.

This year, 28 students and faculty lined up in front of the school.

Classmates cheered as the scissors came out and the hair came off.

Forty-seven feet of hair was donated, according to teacher Jennifer Boresen who also sat in the barber's chair Friday.

"It has everything to do with the students doing it for their own reasons, their own people, their own memories," said Boresen.

Local hair stylists donated their talents, cleaning up the girls' cuts and giving them a new, shorter look.

"It's such a privilege giving away your hair for a girl that doesn't have any hair. It doesn't matter if I don't like it. It's hair, it grows back," said senior Paige Marie Baldwin.

"I've been volunteering at McKee in the Oncology and Radiation center over the summer. I get to see the hardships that people go through and it's just meant a lot to me," said Blatzer.

A total of 179 Roosevelt High School students and teachers have donated 213 feet of hair since the tradition started.

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