Flasher on 'Good Morning America' was actually a clip from 'Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23'

Actress Dreama Walker laughs with Sam Champion

NEW YORK - Did you see it? The "flasher" on GMA?

At the end of "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning, there was weatherman Sam Champion on the set, with the studio windows behind him and suddenly a woman walks up to the window, lifts her shirt and flashes her chest.

It turns out, it wasn't real.

Viewers who were watching and listening closely to the segment, saw the clip of the flasher and then heard news anchor Josh Elliott say, "And there he is, Sam Champion, showing his acting chops."

The clip was of a small cameo Champion did for the ABC-TV show, "Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23."

"Good Morning America" cut from the clip to Champion, the GMA anchors and the cast of  "Don't Trust..." sitting on the GMA set talking about the clip from the TV show.

The "flasher" was one of the stars of the sitcom, Dreama Walker.

So, there was a flasher, but it really wasn't a flasher. See the clip on Gawker.com.

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