Australian company fined after worker loses legs, hand, testicles in machine

Worker fell into hydraulic bailing machine

SYDNEY, Australia - A recycling company in Australia was fined $130,000 Thursday for safety breaches after a machine severed the legs and left hand of a worker and crushed his testicles.

Shane Bushell was working as a welder at the plant on outskirts of Sydney in June 2009 when he slipped into a hydraulic bailing machine, The reported.  As Bushell tried to get out of the machine, a mechanical arm on the machine cut off the ends of both his legs and severed his left hand.

According to court documents obtained by the Australian website, Bushell also lost his testicles and suffered major skin injuries before a worker was able to switch off the machine.

It took about two hours to free the still-conscious Bushell from the machine, the website reported.

SITA Australia Pty Ltd was ordered to pay $130,000 and court costs.  The recruitment firm that directly employed Bushell was also fined $117,000 and ordered to pay court costs, the website reported.

Bushell has since recovered and uses a wheelchair and prosthetic legs to get around.

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