Voters Pick New Names For Metro State College

80% Of Voters Support Name Change For School

More than 80 percent of students, staff and community members asked about the name of Metropolitan State College of Denver agree it needs to be changed.

Metro State has 24,000 students. It started offering master’s degrees in accounting and teacher education last fall. It will start offering a master’s degree in social work this fall.

More than 8,800 people voted on name options. School officials gave 7NEWS the results Tuesday:

  • Denver State University, 36%
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver, 32%
  • University of Central Colorado, 16.7%

    School officials said voters liked Denver State University because it reflected a higher quality institution, it was shorter and easier to say, it highlighted the word Denver and it eliminated confusion with community college. Others said the name is too similar to University of Denver, Colorado State University and it lacks any legacy reference to the current name.

    Voters liked Metro State University of Denver because it retained the history and tradition of Metro State, it was a natural progression from the current name and it retained its distinctiveness form other colleges, school officials said. Others disliked it because the name was even longer than the current name, it didn't highlight Denver enough and it may not fully remove the stigmas associated with the current name.

    The survey analysis will be presented to Metro State's board of trustees on Wednesday.

    A survey last year indicated there is confusion as to whether Metro State is a community college or a four-year institution.

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