Voter Turnout Already Nears Record Numbers

Hot Races At Top Of Ticket Bringing In Ballots

Colorado primary voting turnout is nearing record numbers in several counties and statewide.

Hotly contested top-of-the-ticket races are drawing big numbers.

In Larimer County turnout is already higher than it was in 2008, 2006 and 2004.

And voters still have the weekend and Monday and Tuesday to turn in their ballots.

"We sent out 116,000 ballots and we have back about 35,000 ballots at this point. So, that's upwards of 30 percent, way more than we've gotten in the past," said Larimer County clerk and recorder Scott Doyle.

One reason for the high turnout is that this is the first time since 1974 Colorado has had two contested primaries for U.S. Senate and one for governor.

"I've always liked the Democrats. I like the way they work. I think they work for the people and I'm just a regular every day person," said voter Mary Cochran.

"I like McInnis for governor. And I like Buck for Senate," said voter Scott Maxwell. "I just think that despite the smear, they have the right capabilities to run the government the way we feel, conservatives feel, it should be run."

"I really think that it's the political landscape out there that's going on. A lot of folks are interested in what we've got going on in the country right now," said Doyle of high turnout.

Jefferson County is also reporting high voter turnout as well as Denver and Weld counties.