Volunteer spends 16 years in the classroom

Volunteer retiring from helping children

DENVER - In Wellington, Colorado there is a 7Everyday Hero who is retiring after 16 years. Betty Morris gives her time at Wellington's Eyestone Elementary. By the end of the school year students, staff and teachers were saying goodbye.

"I am kind of sad," said 9-year-old Gabby Wiedeman.

"I am here three days a week," said Morris.

"She helps us with math and stuff and if kids are having trouble she will help them," said 8-year-old Christine Bendzsa.

Morris's favorite duty is helping the kids with their reading.

"Then they learn to like school and they learn to like reading. And that is what I like," said Morris.

"And she's sort of like everyone's grandma and she is just nice and stuff," said Bendzsa.

"Nice and grandmotherly," said Wiedeman.

Betty encourages the children and just listens. She remembers one time when a little boy worried about Christmas.

"He said, 'Well, we are probably not going to have any gifts this year. My dad is in the hospital.' And I went, 'Oh, my,'" said Morris.

Betty keeps all the children smiling while keeping them accountable. She and the teacher found a way for that concerned little boy to get Christmas presents.

"And his dad came up to me and said, 'I want to thank you so much,'" said Morris.

"Betty is just a wonderful influence and an inspiration for all of us," said third grade teacher Michelle Hayes.

Betty Morris is saying goodbye to volunteering. Just imagine how many lives she has touched in 16 years.

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