Volunteer shares love of cake decorating with children

4-H children have fun while learning a useful skil

DENVER - In 1957 Elvis was "All Shook Up". "Gunsmoke" was playing on prime time television. And 7Everyday Hero Helen Sembra started volunteering.

"Cake decorating is not my profession, just a hobby," said Sembra.

A hobby that has been passed along to thousands of eager 4-H members.

"Well, it started when I was three and a half years old," said Sembra.

She is 88 years old today but nothing slows her down giving time to help with 4-H.

"Well, I wasn't gifted with any children of my own and this way I get to work with young people and I enjoy it immensely," said Sembra.

She is a fixture with 4-H members in Adams County and beyond.

"I am with Arapahoe, Castle Rock, I am all over the country. I will be in Yuma, Colorado next month," said Sembra.

"She has been a teacher and taught almost everyone I know how to cake decorate," said student Aleya Park.

"Without the volunteers we would not have a 4-H program," said Connie Cecil, State 4-H youth development specialist.

Sembra has run the cake decorating class every week for 55 years because she knows that 4-H helps shape tomorrow's leaders.

The 4-H motto is: "Making the Best Better." The organization can do that thanks to giving people like Helen Sembra.

"I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot of new things," said student Hunter Israel-Ivy.

"She knows her stuff. She knows how to make everything look perfect. It is cool," said student Melina Michie.

"She is a really nice lady and she really taught us a lot today," said student Megan Podtburg.

To learn more about 4-H go to http://4hcolostate.edu

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