Volunteer shares life lessons with students

Students learn about history through experience

DENVER - Some students only read about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. 7Everyday Hero Kathleen Lewis lived through those milestones in history.

She uses her experiences to enrich students lives at Thornton's Cherry Drive Elementary School.

"The students call her Grandma Lewis," said teacher Marilyn Powers.

Lewis spends an entire day, once a week, in Powers' fourth-grade class.

"It always helps to have extra hands in the classroom with so many children," said Powers.

"I have been busy my whole life, and I want to continue to be busy. And I thought, I can help kids," said Lewis.

The students appreciate Lewis spending so much one on one time with them.

"She really helped me with my reading so I could get my reading scores high up," said 10-year-old Daniel.

"I got better with my reading and I got that score up really high, and it just helped me a lot," added 10-year-old Hayley.

Lewis also helps the children grasp important events in history.

"She was born in the 30's and we talk about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era," said Powers.

Lewis has done her volunteer work every week this for 20 years. She has made quite an impression on several generations.

"Well, I see them in grocery stores and places from 15 years ago and they say: 'Hi, grandma! How are you?,'" said Lewis.

Kathleen Lewis says anyone can volunteer at a school. You do not need special training, just a willingness to help.

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