Volunteer Organizes Holiday Dinner

While most of us are thinking about working off all those holiday treats, a group of Denver men are still dreaming about a holiday feast they enjoyed. It was a Christmas meal made possible by a 7Everyday Hero. The men enjoying the hospitality were all residents of a place in downtown Denver called New Genesis.

"We have about 130 guys here on any given night. It is a program where they are given a bed and a locker," said Tammie Carroll, manager of client services at New Genesis.

"These men in this shelter have to work or be looking for work. So, they get them up and they get them out," added volunteer Terry Tucker.

The men are homeless, but pay rent to stay at the center as they work hard to improve their lives. New Genesis offers great support but few frills, so a Christmas feast means a lot.

"Probably the most heart warming is when they ask for something that they haven't had since their moms made it. That will bring tears to your eyes," said volunteer Susan Haag-Palmer.

Terry Tucker organizes the whole event. It takes months of planning.

Tucker works near "New Genesis" at the law firm of Holme, Roberts & Owen. The firm has been around more than 100 years and has ten offices around the world. But Tucker motivates the firm to focus on making a difference locally.

"She is really a Tom Sawyer in terms of getting out there and getting people to participate and encouraging people to get on board," said Charlie Bruce, partner at Holme, Roberts & Owen.

Tucker and her office mates make sure the men get hats, gifts and R.T.D. coupons.

"We made 100 hats with my knitting class on Wednesdays at noon," said Tucker.

Tucker has done this for five years.

When we asked her why she does it, she said, "There go I but by the grace of God. That is all I can say."