Volunteer offers legal advice to those in need

For five years volunteer has manned legal help

DENVER - The pursuit of justice often requires a lawyer, But what if you can't afford one?

7Everyday Hero Connie Cornelius volunteers for an agency that can help.

She has spent the last five years giving her time at Colorado Legal Services. It is a nonprofit that has been around for 85 years. CLS. helps low-income Coloradans with legal issues. It gets lots of calls for help.

"Oh, hundreds a day. We have 14 offices scattered throughout Colorado. The largest is here in Denver," said Jonathan D. Asher, executive director, CLS.

Helping those in need requires trained volunteers like Cornelius. In addition to taking calls from the public, she trains other volunteers. They do not offer legal advice, but they do help people navigate the unknown.

"They are not always understanding what is happening to them or what has happened to them. I think a lot of it is just listening. Listening to their information. Listening to their story," said Cornelius.

Listening not solely to be kind but to help insure justice.

"It is a fundamental constitutional value to secure justice. Sometimes you can only do that with a lawyer by your side. Wealthy people and corporations have access to those lawyers, low income only have the access that we provide," said Asher.

That process begins with volunteers like Cornelius.

"We have terrific volunteers. None better than Connie. She is dedicated, reliable, responsible," said Asher.

To learn more about Colorado Legal Services go to www.coloradolegalservices.org

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