Volunteer Drums Up Memories At Senior Centers

Drum Lessons And Concerts Travel Around The State

There is no mistaking the sound of drums because you do not just hear them, you feel them.

7Everyday Hero Gregg Hansen is providing some good vibrations with a community of drums. Hansen is the founder of the Front Range Djembe Community Orchestra.

The djembe is a skin-covered drum shaped like a large goblet and meant to be played with your bare hands.

"I think it's that primal, cellular memory. All of us and our ancestors were around campfires singing and playing drums for millennium," said Hansen.

Hansen is a music instructor, but rather than just teach people how to play the djembe, he takes his students on the road to provide free concerts at area nursing homes.

"We are really promoting fun. It is not like we say, 'Sit there and listen!' No, it is more like, 'Have fun, clap along, play on your legs.' We all came here to join in and have a party, basically," said Hansen.

"I always enjoy it and look forward to it. It is invigorating," said resident Anne Kulik.

"Anyone is invited to play. It does not matter how old you are or how young," said resident Louise Harris.

"The drumming awakens something in them that may have been asleep. The drumming does that," said drum student Lynn Dyba.

Karen Wright knows that better than most. Her husband is a resident at one senior care center.

"It is something you cannot really express with words. It is just a familiar feeling the rhythm," said Wright.

The connection the drums make with people has a lot to do with Hansen's outgoing personality.

"I like him very much. He has a such a smile. He has got a lot of energy," said Kulik.

"Anything that is asked of Hansen he will give his whole heart," added Wright.

"After we get done doing something like this, no one can feel bad," Hansen said with a laugh.

To learn more about the Front Range Djembe Community Orchestra, go to www.communitydrums.com.