Video Shows CSU Pool Party Was Packed Before Arrests

Police: 4 Arrested, 10 Taken To Hospital

A 20-year veteran of the Fort Collins Police Department said a weekend party that ended with 10 people being hospitalized and four arrests was one of the largest parties he’s ever seen.

“It was an invite by residents and then of course the social networking, Facebook and texting, turned it into an extra-large party,” said Lt. Russell Reed.

YouTube videos of what is being called a "megaparty" near the Colorado State University campus shows a large crowd around a pool.

7NEWS discovered additional videos of the party were posted to YouTube throughout Monday evening.

Police estimated 2,000 to 4,000 attended Saturday afternoon's back-to-school party at an off-campus apartment complex called Campus Crossings at Ram's Pointe. The party's Facebook page registered nearly 3,000 attendees.

“I knew it was going to be big,” said Ram’s Pointe resident Allison Stanfield, “but it was definitely like 2,000 people bigger than I expected.”

“When I got in there it was total chaos,” said a CSU sophomore who identified himself as Garth Algar. “One woman was hit in the face with a bottle and she was gushing blood.”

Police said ambulance crews called them after they were inundated with calls about people getting sick or passing out from drinking too much alcohol.

When officers arrived, the organizers agreed to shut the party down, police said.

“The biggest concern we have is the over-intoxication,” Reed said, “especially of young women in an environment of that nature, and whether or not they can be victimized because of that alcohol intake.”

Reed said police focused on helping paramedics get through the big crowd to aid those who were injured and those overcome by alcohol.

He said they didn’t have time to concentrate on revelers, who may have been drinking underage.

A spokeswoman for the apartment complex e-mailed a statement to 7NEWS that said the party was a long standing charity initiative intended to encourage new students to socialize.

The statement said that "no alcohol was provided and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the pool area."

Laura Van De Pette said property management took measures to proactively manage the security of the event, but that the larger than expected crowd raised concerns and required us to shut down early.

"We regret the outcomes of this event and wish to express our concern for the individuals whose safey was put at risk by those who violated the rules of our welcoming event," Van De Pette said.

Four people were cited and released. Two people were cited on assault charges, one person for disorderly conduct and one person for interference with a peace officer, investigators said. All were under 21.

Among those cited by police were 21-year-old Colorado State University linebacker James Skelton and 19-year-old defensive end Dillon Lawrence.

"We are looking into it and will comment further when we know more," said CSU head football coach Steve Fairchild.

CSU’s Dean of Students, Jody Donovan, told 7NEWS that any student accused of breaking the law or violating school policy could face disciplinary measures.

“Any student accused will have a hearing with an officer where they can share their perspective of what happened,” Donovan said. “They are entitled to due process.”

Donovan said the hearing officer will determine responsibility.

“The hearing officer’s decision can range from being found not responsible all the way up to expulsion,” Donovan said.

Donovan said she couldn’t talk about specific cases, but did say that the Athletic Department has additional standards.

She said athletic officials can make decisions that are separate from possible state criminal charges and University code of conduct violations.

“We are concerned about the level of alcohol use,” Donovan said, when asked about the size of the party. “Student safety is a priority and we support the Fort Collins Police Department in helping students be safe.”

7NEWS asked the football players involved for their side of the story, at Monday’s practice, but they chose not to comment.

The annual party usually takes place on the first weekend of the school year, according to the Rocky Mountain Collegian college newspaper.

Reed said 10 officers on the day shift responded to calls for help at the apartment complex, as did 10 to 15 night-shift officers.

The party even made international headlines, and was reported by the British media, including the Daily Mail.

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