VIDEO: Chemicals Taken From Holmes' Apartment Tested

Flames Erupt From Buried Material

There were several explosions in a field in an undisclosed location Saturday evening, where investigators took chemical materials recovered from the apartment of the Aurora theater shooting suspect.

There was a series of explosions about 6:15 p.m. Crews had transported the materials by dump truck to the field so that evidence could be collected.

Various materials extracted from the apartment were submerged in containers surrounded by sand, so that if it exploded during transport, it would not cause harm.

Once at the site, the packages were opened up and put in holes in the ground.

Investigators are trying to extract evidence that would indicate if flammable or explosive materials were in the apartment.

The material was ignited to see if the explosive materials function as investigators believe they will.

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said during a news conference earlier in the day that suspect James Holmes booby trapped his apartment with chemicals in such a way to injure anyone entering. Oates said he believed HolmesÂ’ intent was to harm police officers.

Federal, state and local crews detonated and defused the improvised explosive devices in HolmesÂ’ apartment Saturday. Crews used a robot and a series of moves designed to reduce the danger from partially unknown explosives inside.

The truck left a few hours later -- and the unloading process was still happening in the evening hours Saturday.

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