Victims Looked Death In The Face

Woman Helped Drag Her Wounded Boyfriend Out Of Aurora Movie Theater

Aurora theater shooting victim Eugene Han is recovering in the hospital from two gunshot wounds.

His girlfriend, Kirstin Davis, shared their story of courage and strength with 7NEWS.

Han has been making a slow recovery since getting shot in the knee and hip.

Davis was on the ground hiding behind theater chairs next to Han when he was hit.

Davis said the days since the shooting have been difficult, but her goal is to move past this horrific experience. Davis said one image has haunted her since Thursday night.

"I remember trying to pick [Han] up. And I looked up, straight down the hallway, and I saw the guy [shooter] standing there and he was staring straight at us," Davis said. "The next thing I know is I see red sparks coming out of the chamber of the gun."

"I just remember praying, 'Dear God don't let any of us a die' and then next thing I said was, 'Just let the bullets stop.'"

Moments later, the theater fell silent and Han told Davis he had been shot twice. The two, along with three friends, headed toward the emergency exit where the shooter had entered.

She said Han's best friend helped her move Han and another friend who also had been shot.

Davis and Han have been dating for two years but have known each other since childhood.

"I can definitely say he has taken a bullet for me and it just means a lot," Davis said. "I think I've told him I love him a billion times and told him he's my hero."

Davis said this has been a life-changing experience for both of them, but they hope to one day be able to move past the pain. Davis said that starts with forgiveness, something she has already done.

"I believe almost everybody I know is praying for him [the shooter] because he needs it," Davis said.

Han is slowly recovering in a hospital.

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