V.P. To Help Fundraise In Colo. For Rep. Betsy Markey

7NEWS Follows Where The Campaign Dollars Are Coming From In Colo. Congressional Races

Vice President Joe Biden will be in northern Colorado Friday. He will attend a fundraiser for Rep. Betsy Markey, D-Colo. Biden will also stop by UQM Technologies.

According to a Web site that tracks stimulus money, Frederick-based UQM Technologies received $45 million in October 2009. The grant money was for research and development of cars and trucks that do not use petroleum.

UQM was founded in 1967. The company develops and manufactures electric-drive systems for all-electric and hybrid cars, buses, recreational vehicles and golf carts.

When UQM was awarded the money, the company anticipated a creation of up to 3,000 new manufacturing jobs over the next three years.

Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will also visit Arapahoe and Red Rocks Community Colleges.

A limited number of tickets for the noon event at UQM had already been distributed by late Thursday afternoon.

Since Biden is campaigning for Markey in the 4th Congressional District, 7NEWS wanted to know where the money for congressional candidates in Colorado was really coming from. We found that for most candidates, the money is not coming from the districts they hope to represent.

According to a Web site that tracks campaign contributions, Markey has received $547,218 in in-state contributions since April 25. She received $251,334 from the Denver-metro area, which is not part of the 4th Congressional District. Donors from the Boulder-area have donated the second most with $122,211. Donors from Fort Collins and Loveland, which are part of the area represented by the 4th Congressional District, have contributed $114,915.

Her Republican opponents have similar contribution reports.

State Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, received $413,443 from Denver-area donors, $60,950 came from Greeley donors and $29,339 from Fort Collins and Loveland.

University of Colorado Regent Tom Lucero received $42,350 from Denver-area contributors. He also took in $15,750 from Boulder, then $7,300 from Greeley and $5,561 from Fort Collins and Loveland.

Former Fort Collins city councilman Diggs Brown received his most in-state contributions from Fort Collins and Loveland ($108,550), and then $7,940 from Greeley.

Use the links to follow the money for representatives and candidates in your district:

U.S. Senate Race Contributions:

  • Sen. Michael Bennet (D)
  • Andrew Romanoff (D)
  • Jane Norton (R)
  • Ken Buck (R)
  • Tom Weins (R)
  • Cleve Tidwell (R)
  • Luke Korkowski (R)
  • House District 1 (Denver-area) Contributions:

  • Rep. Diana DeGette (D)
  • House District 2 (Boulder-area/central mountains) Contributions:

  • Rep. Jared Polis (D)
  • Bob Brancato (R)
  • Stephen Bailey (R)
  • House District 3 (southern Colorado/western slope) Contributions:

  • Rep. John Salazar (D)
  • Scott Tipton (R)
  • Robert McConnell (R)
  • Diggs Brown (R)
  • House District 4 (northern Colorado/eastern plains) Contributions:

  • Rep. Betsy Markey (D)
  • Cory Gardner (R)
  • Tom Lucero (R)
  • Diggs Brown (R)
  • House District 5 (Colorado Springs-area) Contributions:

  • Rep. Doug Lamborn (R)
  • House District 6 (southern metro-area/Littleton/Castle Rock) Contributions:

  • Rep. Mike Coffman (R)
  • John Flerlage (D)
  • David Canter (R)
  • House District 7 (Adams/Arapahoe/Jefferson Counties) Contributions:

  • Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D)
  • Ryan Frazier (R)
  • Langhorne Sias (R)
  • Brian Campbell (R)