US Pro Cycling Challenge Thrusts Boulder Into Spotlight

Boulder Hosts Stage 6 Of Cycling Race

Boulder is preparing for a big weekend when the world's top cyclists make their way into the city for Stage 6 of the Pro Cycling Challenge on Saturday.

The city has been preparing since December and has invested $250,000 to make sure race day goes smoothly.

“Everybody already knows it’s a good place for biking but I think this is going to be a big deal,” said Boulder resident, Will Norris.

Up to 150,000 people are expected to come to Boulder to watch the pros pedal thrusting the area into the national spotlight. Last year, 25 hours of race coverage were broadcast nationwide and Boulder is making sure to capitalize that.

A 30-second ad highlighting all the area has to offer will run during Saturday’s race. The ad closes with the words, “Boulder, we do this every day.”

“It’s hugely important for Boulder to have a successful event. We’re going be seen on TV in more than 200 countries, so it’s going to have some really good long term benefits,” said city of Boulder Communication Manager Patrick von Keyserling .

Businesses like Full Cycle are looking forward to the short-term benefits. Jacob Youcha told 7NEWS people from around the world have been calling for several months to rent bikes. The bike shop has also stocked three times as many Colorado jerseys.

“It’s gotta be a huge influx in tax revenue and retail sales and restaurants and everything. It’s a big deal. It could potentially carry a bike shop through the winter,” Youcha said.

Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park are working on a regional plan to try to bring the race to the area next year.

Last year, the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge drew more than 1 million spectators and resulted in an $85.3 million impact to the Colorado.

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