Urn Stealers Leave Apology Note, But No Urn

Remains Taken During Home Robbery

Police found an apology note Saturday from the robbers who took an urn and other items from a home, but the urn is still missing.

The ashes of Terry Herrle were in a wooden box that was stolen from a home in Black Forest on Jan. 8. The burglars also took a television, a camera, a laptop and a chainsaw, but it's Terry's remains that her husband wants back.

"That to me was the greatest loss," Bob Herrle told the Colorado Springs Gazette. "Other things can all be replaced by insurance and money. You just can’t replace that."

Terry died in 2009 from ovarian cancer.

The Sheriff’s Office asked the burglars to return the urn, no questions asked, at a fire station or other public location so it could be returned to Mr. Herrle.

Saturday, police got a call about a canvas bag found outside Trinity Church of the Nazarene. Inside officiers said they found a note, but no urn.

The note said somebody had found an urn and, "once they realized what it was they treated it with the utmost respect," Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lt. Lari Sevene said.

Despite the note, the ashes are still missing.