Detroit students sickened after eating chips laced with K2

1 student in ICU as police investigate

DETROIT - Two students in Detroit are in the hospital after consuming chips laced with K2 during lunchtime Wednesday, police said.

According to a newsletter sent home to parents at Most Holy Trinity School in Detroit, an eighth-grade boy allegedly sprinkled K2, the drug also known as Spice, in a bag of chips and offered it to four of his classmates, WXYZ TV reported.

The chips sickened the students, the station said.

When faculty members found out, they called emergency personnel to the school.

One of the hospitalized students -- a girl -- was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital Thursday.

"I think it's important that they let us know so we can be aware of these things,: said parent Greg Norris.

According to the newsletter, the eighth-grader has been expelled from school.

The Archdiocese of Detroit did not issue a comment to WXYZ News.

Detroit police are investigating the case.

Selling K-2 or similar substances in Michigan became a seven-year felony last July. Possession is a two-year felony, and use is a one-year misdemeanor, under Michigan law. K2 -- or synthetic marijuana --  is generally smoked but is marketed as incense.

Watch the WXYZ TV report below:

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