TV Anchor Talks About Dog Bite Recovery

Kyle Dyer Bitten By Argentine Mastiff

A Denver television news anchor who was bitten by a dog says she's doing fine but had difficulty talking after the on-air attack two weeks ago.

Kyle Dyer was bitten in the face by an 85-pound Argentine mastiff while she was doing a segment with the dog's owner and a firefighter who had rescued the pet from an icy pond.

Dyer was kneeling on the floor of the set petting Max the dog when the dog suddenly bared its teeth, raised its head and bit her on the face.

In an interview with the station Thursday night, Dyer said she realized how serious the bite was when her lips didn't touch anymore.

The station says she had a second surgery on Monday. She was given 20 new stitches and had the 70 stitches that were initially put in on Feb. 8 removed.

Despite the injury, she says it could have been worse, though she realizes it could be weeks or even months before she's fully healed.

Dyer called the incident an accident and says she's glad the dog is back home after it spent 10 days in mandatory quarantine.

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